A&A Spiritual Connections


Types of Mediumship

There are three types of Mediumship- Mental, Physical and Healing.

Appointments and Services Offered

Andrew and Anne are available to work individually or together to provide a comprehensive range of services which include the following:

Personal Appointments

  1. Mediumship Sitting – reuniting with your loved ones in a comfortable and supportive setting.
  2. Tarot Reading – connecting on a psychic level, and on a mediumistic level also, if requested.
  3. House Clearing – also known as Spirit Rescue.
  4. Auragraph Reading – provides a pictorial representation of your life journey for you to keep.
  5. Reiki – channeling Healing energy by touch to activate the body’s natural healing processes and restore physical and emotional well-being.
  6. Tea-Leaf Reading – connecting on a psychic level to you and on a mediumistic level to your loved ones.

Group Appointments

  1. Workshops and Presentations – available upon request. Subjects available include Meditation, Personal, Psychic and Mediumship Development, and Trance Development.

  2. Development Circles – 6 session courses for the development of Psychic and Mediumistic gifts.

  3. Meditation Groups – 6 session courses available for Personal development.

  4. Group Readings – Appointments may be individual readings for group members in group settings such as House Parties, Family Groups, or may be shared experiences. Your choice.