A&A Spiritual Connections


Anne and Andrew were both born in Glasgow, Scotland. Andrew grew up in the big city and Anne in a small village, a 100 miles to the south. Educated in the sciences, both graduating from the same university, they embarked on a spiritual journey together that has led them to Canada, where they reside currently in Niagara, Ontario.


Anne has been aware of Spirit since her early childhood. She has been drawn and guided to develop her mediumistic skills. She believes that opening up to and through developing these gifts we can benefit all aspects of our lives.

Having a scientific background, Anne has a practical and down to earth approach towards her work with spirit. Her search for meaning and truth has led her to explore the deeper meditative states and the healing aspects of spiritual development to achieve a better understanding of her gifts.

She is committed to bringing the essence of loved ones, once thought lost forever, closer to you and reconnecting you both again.


Andrew has embraced his mediumistic gifts since his youth. He has worked together with his wife Anne in developing and expanding his connection with the Spirit world since their marriage over 25 years ago. They have both studied extensively with Arthur Findlay College tutors in the UK and in Canada, and have been members of mediumship circles to enhance their skills and personal development for many years.

Andrew has a scientific degree but felt increasingly drawn to work in the Social Sciences, where his communication skills and empathy were better used to benefit others in need. His special interests are in healing, on emotional, physical and spiritual levels.


Both Andrew and Anne believe that we can all better develop our own relationships with Spirit through a practical approach. Understanding the mechanics of communication with Spirit leads us all to a better connection with our own soul as well as those in Spirit, and so enriching our lives.

Andrew and Anne are committed to bringing the memories of your loved ones alive through a Soul-to-Soul connection and affirming the continuation of the Spirit. It is important to them both that you are aware of the presence of your loved ones, and feel reconnected to them during your appointments with them.